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The territory of Sungurlare municipality is one of the biggest in Burgas county. It is situated on area of 824.4 sq. m. in the northwestern part of Burgas county. On the north it is bounded by Shumen county, on the east by Ruen municipality, on the south - by Karnobat municipality and on the west it borders by the Sliven and Yambol counties.
The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Sungurlare, situated in the beautiful Sungurlare Valley which spreads form the village of Mokren to the village of Lozarevo.
The area is a rich combination of mountain, hilly and flat terrain. The climate is moderately continental. It is characterized by mild winter, early spring, mild summer and warm autumn. Climatic conditions are optimal for growing all kinds of agricultural crops and mainly vineyards and grain crops. Twenty-three decares of vineyards are cultivated - wine varieties, mainly "Red Muskatel" with annual production about 25 000 tons of grape. 15 000 tons of wheat and 6000 tons of barley are produced from 70 000 decares of grain crops. The Sungurlare region is well-known in Bulgaria and abroad for its marvellous wines. The most famous brand called Sungurlarski misket is made from the grapes grown in the adjacent wine-growing villages and towns - Grozden, Slavyantsi, Choubra, Lozitsa and Chernitsa.